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Each morning when we are at flag, I thoroughly enjoy watching our community sing Canterbury’s Honor Code. Our teachers are the best. When they sing each morning, I can see in their body language that they believe every word they sing. Our fourth graders stand tall and model how to respectfully sing Canterbury’s daily pledge as their little buddies mimic what they are doing. Our PreK4 and Kindergarten students enthusiastically sing each word and pronounce them with pride. First and second grade students display a new kind of confidence because they know the words and are beginning to truly understand them. Our third grade students can’t wait to be next year’s role models as they, too, mimic the fourth graders. Parents, you are amazing, too. I see each and every one of you singing our Honor Code, and you have just as much pride for each word as your children.

I wanted to share the words with you and how much they mean to me. Think for a moment about our changing and uncertain world. I remember when faculty, staff, and administration wrote the Honor Code and how much time, thought, and energy went into each phrase.

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As a member of the Canterbury family - We are family. We stick together through good and bad and help each other through it all. We celebrate the good times and come together in the bad times. This, to me, is what makes us Canterbury, a loving, supportive family.


I pledge to uphold my personal integrity - defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; the state of being whole and undivided. I see this every day:students helping each other when they are sick or hurt, holding hands down the hallway because they truly care about one another, teachers always offering to help their students and each other... this common occurrence is personal integrity in action.

IMG_3667 copy.jpgPromote equality and be respectful and considerate - It’s one thing to say that you promote equality and are respectful and considerate, and another thing to actually do it. Our community shows this every day, from parents, to teachers to our students. A  PreK 3 student was so concerned for his classmate last week because she was sick. He put his hand on her shoulder and reassured her, genuinely, that she was going to feel better soon. I was so impressed with the kindness that he was sharing with her.

I will be honest and sincere facing each day with a positive attitude - When Colin Wynberg, our Director of Admissions, is giving tours, I often hear how impressed these families are with the positive, happy and energized faculty and students. They say that they can feel the positive energy as soon as they walk on campus; that is something you can’t fake.  


I am so blessed to be part of this community, and I count my blessings each day that my daughters grew up in this Canterbury family. 


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