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There's a misconception about Canterbury that needs to be corrected. It has concerned me for some time, and I believe now is the time to address the matter.  No longer can I sit quietly while this issue prevails. Let us now rise above the chatter and get to the heart of the matter.
This misconception that the students are having all of the fun at Canterbury cannot go on. For the past year, I said nothing as I heard comment after comment about this dire situation. "My child has more fun at school than any else" one mother bragged. "These teachers, I don't know how that do it everyday" another parent offered. "Can you imagine how tired they must be at the end of each day?"

Well, to that one, I say, "yes, they are tired". But you would be too if you were laughing and playing and enjoying your work nearly as much as Canterbury's teachers and staff are. The mistaken belief that it is all work and no play is just garbage, and I just can't stay quiet about this topic any longer.  Please examine the proof for yourselves and make your own informed decision.